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Meditation Can Alter The Brain Through Change in NeuroPlasticity

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2019

How the Brain Changes When You Meditate

By charting new pathways in the brain,mindfulness can change the banter inside our heads from chaotic to calm.

Not too long ago, most of us thought that the...

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2 minute Introduction to Kaya Kalpa Yoga of Sri Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2019

What is Kayakalpa Yoga?

 By sublimating and recycling the sexual vital fluid,
Kaya Kalpa frees you from a variety of earth-bound ills.….
And fear of death withers in the...
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Happy World Women's Day 2016 - A Message from Sri Vethathiri Maharishi on Greatness of Women

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2019
Journey of Consciousness by Krish Murali Eswar brings to you methods and lessons about yoga,
kundalini yoga,
simplified kundalini yoga, kaya kalpa yoga,
simplified physical exercises,
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What is the true meaning of Karmas?

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2019

Karma is an imprint.


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What are the six great sin imprints?

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2019



Anger Immoral sexual passion

Inferiority & superiority complex


Are the six great sin imprints.


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What are the sources of thoughts?

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2019

Six sources:

1. Need

2. Habits

3. Other's imposition

4. Environmental condition

5. Genetic 6. Divinity


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How do you excel in meditation?

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2019

1. Fix a time daily for meditation

2. Do your Yogasanas daily.Exercise improves concentration powers

3.Do kaya kalpa yoga daily. Http://

4. Introspect


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