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What is the purpose of Meditation?

Uncategorized Dec 02, 2019

Are you wondering why at all you need to meditate? Here’s the answer.

Our life needs liberation from pain and misery. Greed and attachment are two root causes of all our evils.

We need a systematic method to fulfill our materialistic desires or neutralise them. Evil actions cause the soul to carry impurities.

Our soul needs liberation from sin imprints. We need a system by which the soul can rid of its sin imprints and become pure.

How can we achieve the two simple needs of our life?

Meditation offers a comprehensive method to increase esoteric awareness.

It helps us to maintain consciousness and thereby become detached to the results of our duties and actions. It reduces craving.

It helps to increase our strength to fulfill our dreams or neutralise them easily.

Meditation offers a systematic method to obliterate the impressions of sins and streamline the activities of our mind.

What other purpose exists for Meditation?

Meditation does not stop at providing us with focus and method to cleanse our sin imprints. It helps us to prepare our body healthily.

It helps to maintain health in two ways:

Satisfy the needs arising from appetite,

changes in atmospheric conditions and excretory forces of the body;

and Guard against the malfunctioning of the human system, the enmity of other living beings, and natural disasters.

Meditation and Law of Nature In order to maintain mental and physical health,

we need to understand the laws of nature, the pattern of the society in which one lives and the sentiments of the individuals constituting the society.

Meditation helps us to perform our duties in harmony with the laws of Nature and the sentiments and conventions of society.

It enables us to lead a successful life, achieve satisfaction and peace by sharpening the intellect, cultivating constant awareness, strengthening the will, streamlining the mind, and basing the behaviour on moral values.

Since the functions of the mind and the body are interdependent, it is imperative that we pay equal attention to both the spiritual and material aspects of man. Meditation provides all the benefits in both fields.

Therefore, Meditation is a well-balanced and perfect process for success and peace in life. Inspired by the words of Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi.


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