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The Qualities of a Spiritual Guru

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2019

A Spiritual Guru has five important qualities:

1. Practice what you preach:

Vethathiri Maharishi practiced what he preached.

He did the exercises, kayakalpa yoga, meditation, introspection and observed silence regularly.

When you look up to a teacher like him, you are truly inspired.

He lived by example.

That's the kind of teacher we must aspire to be.

2. Thoughts, words and actions are in sync:

A person whose thought, words and actions are in sync is a high integrity person.


A spiritual guru will not speak, act or think in a way that might bring hurt to another. His life will be spent on removing hurts from within and without for himself and others.

4. Harmony in relationship:

A guru who is worthy of our respect and following is someone whose relationship with everyone around is in complete harmony.

5. Divinity:

A person who has spent enough time in silence introspecting would understand that he is only a fraction of the divine force.


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