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The Four Parts of SKY Yoga

Uncategorized Dec 19, 2019

There are 4 parts in the SKY Yoga practice.

1) Meditation,

2) Introspection,

3) Sublimation and

4) Perfection.

Meditation is done by raising your Kundalini energy felt as gentle vibrations in different chakras.

Anyone above the age of 15 can learn this form of meditation and can feel the vibrations in few minutes after they are initiated.

Focusing the mind on the life force increases bio-magnetic force that help improve will power, health and concentration

The second stage is introspection.

By using the excess energy that you now have because of meditation, you will be able to cleanse yourself of harmful thoughts, unwanted desires, unwanted habits and negative emotions.

The 3rd part is Sublimation.

After introspection we are able to superimpose our imprints with newer, harm-free imprints which will completely eliminate the older imprints.

Now you reach Perfection where you merge with the Almighty Force.


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