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Simplified Kundalini Yoga Workshop

workshops Oct 27, 2019

Simplified Kundalini Yoga Workshop Contents

Practical & Powerful Meditation

Get initiated in Simplified Kundalini Yoga Meditation, a practical and powerful meditation by Shri Vethathiri Maharishi, and a set of down-to-earth Introspection practices to realize your true potential as a human being.

What Do You Learn?

Simplified Kundalini Yoga Awakening workshop initiates you into Ajna, Thuriyam & Shanthi meditations, where you perceive and experience your Life Force itself, along with introspection techniques that are practical, easy and targeted at the biggest problems each of us faces in our daily life:

Meditation Practices:

  1. Ajna Meditation
  2. Thuriyam Meditation
  3. Shanthi Meditation
  4. Pancha Bhootha Nava Graha (Five Elements, Nine Celestial Bodies) Meditation

Yogic Practices:

  1. Simplified Physical Exercise Part – I
  2. Deep Relaxation Technique

Introspection Techniques:

  1. Introduction to Introspection
  2. Blessings & Relationships
  3. Analysis of Thoughts
  4. Moralisation of Desires
  5. Eradication of Worries
  6. Neutralization of Anger


Prof. Krish Murali Eswar, Professor in Kundalini Yoga, Kaya Kalpa Yoga, Bangalore Malleswaram SKY Trust


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