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Simplified Kundalini and Kayakalpa Yoga

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2019

Simplified Kundalini and Kayakalpa Yoga

Simplified Kundalini and Kayakalpa Yoga are taught in our SKY Yoga workshops in Level 1 Simplified Kundalini Awakening Workshop.

In the Level 1 Awakening workshop, we initiate the aspirants into the following meditations:
Ajna (third eye meditation)
Sahasrara (crown chakra meditation)
Mooladhara (root chakra meditation)
Pancha Bootha Navagraha (5 elements 9 planets meditation)
Panchendriya (five sense organs meditation)

The initiation is done using the hands of the divine master. There is no tantra, mantra or yantra is SKY yoga practices. With a simple touch of the master we awaken the kundalini to Ajna chakra.

We teach you the simplified physical exercises:
hand exercises
leg exercises
neuro muscular breathing exercises
eye exercises
kapala bati exercises

These exercises help to regulate heat, air and blood circulations in the parts of the body.

Kayakalpa Yoga is also taught in SKY Yoga centers. I teach it online in

Kayakalpa Yoga helps to tone up the nervous system and transmute sexual energy into spiritual energy.

Kayakalpa Yoga helps to increase immunity, remain youthful and postpone death to suit one's wishes.

Kayakalpa Yoga also helps to feel the Kundalini Life force easily and better at Ajna, Sahasrara and Mooladhara Chakra.


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