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FAQ on Simplified Kundalini Yoga

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2019


1 Do Animals have Kundalini?

All life-forms have life energy, which is the Kundalini. It is centered at the three-dimensional centers of the life form's body.

2 Do I have a Kundalini?

Yes. As long as you are alive, you have Kundalini Energy in your body.

3 How can I do Kundalini Yoga?

A Simplified Kundalini Yoga is taught the world over by SKY Yoga centers of World Community Service Center founded by Yogiraj Sri. Vethathiri Maharishi. Reach out the center near you.

4 How can I Awaken my Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini Energy is easily awakened to the Ajna chakra within a few seconds by the touch of a trained, certified SKY Yoga master in any of the 2000+ SKY Yoga centers worldwide. 

5 How can I Raise my Kundalini?

Once you are initiated into Simplified Kundalini Yoga by the trained, certified master in a SKY Yoga center, you can easily raise it to higher chakra at will by simply focusing your mind on the chakra.

6 How can Kundalini be Activated?

A trained, certified Kundalini master can easily activate your kundalini by his or her touch at your Ajna chakra. By the power of eyes, the trained master then raises your Kundalini to the Sahasrara or Crown chakra. You will receive initiation by touch to bring down your kundalini to your Mooladhara chakra by the trained, certified master.

7 How can Kundalini Yoga Help?

Kundalini yoga helps in three dimensions:

a. Physical - your health improves. Your immunity and metabolism improve. Your weight will normalize. Your sleep will optimize. Your pain will come down. Your energy levels will dramatically improve within a few days. You will even be able to postpone death to suit your wish.

b. Mental - Your will power will increase. Your strength of mind increases. Your brain and mind will remain calm at the alpha level of frequency between 8 and 13 cycles per second for most of the times. You will overcome the six temperamental mindsets of greed, anger, miserliness, immoral sexual passion, vanity, and vengeance. Your competencies will significantly enhance in order to attract prosperity. You will receive the blessings of others and thereby increase fame.

c. Spiritually - you will achieve the purpose of life by removing your sin imprints and purifying your genetic center and merging your soul and mind with the almighty force. You will become wise and peaceful.

8 How can We Awaken Kundalini?

Kundalini Awakening normally takes several years through the practices of pranayama, mantra, tantra, yantra, etc. With the help of Simplified Kundalini Yoga techniques, you can awaken your kundalini within a few seconds with the touch of the trained, certified SKY master.

9 How Many Times can Kundalini Rise?

You will only need to raise your kundalini once through the touch of the SKY master. You can then raise it will at any time throughout your life.

10 How to Activate Kundalini Chakra?

The Kundalini force is activated in each of the nine chakras as follows:
a. Mooladhara - a touch of the trained master
b. Swatishtana - a touch of the trained master
c. Manipuraha - a touch of the trained master
d. Anahadha - a touch of the trained master
e. Visukthi - a touch of the trained master
f. Ajna - a touch of the trained master
g. Sahasrara - through the power of the eyes of the trained master
h. Sakthi Kalam or Universal Energy Field - through the mind of the trained master
i. The static state or Shiva Kalam - through the mind of the trained master.

11 How to do Kundalini Yoga for Beginners?

The world's simplest and safest system of kundalini yoga for beginners above the age of 14 years is the Simplified Kundalini Yoga or the SKY Yoga system gifted to humanity by Yogiraj Sri. Vethathiri Maharishi. Any beginner who is physically and mentally fit and not having any major illness or neurological problems can easily learn SKY Yoga.

12 Should I do Kundalini Yoga?

Yes. Do join over 20 million SKY Yoga aspirants who have learned and doing Simplified Kundalini Yoga to attract good health, long life, enough wealth, peace, prosperity, fame, and wisdom.

13 Should I Start Kundalini Yoga?

Yes. If you are above the age of 14 years old, you should immediately start Kundalini Yoga. Contact any of our SKY Yoga centers worldwide.

14 What can Kundalini Power Do?

Kundalini Power can help you physically remain strong and healthy.
Kundalini Power can help you mentally remain alert, calm and peaceful, energetic and strong-willed.
Kundalini Power can help you realize yourself and purify your genetic center of sin imprints.

15 What Can You Do With Kundalini Energy?

Kundalini Energy can help you remain healthy in mind and body. It can harmonize your relationships with the family, friends, colleagues, and society. It can help you heal others.

16 What is Kundalini Awakening?

Raising of your life force / Kundalini from your mooladhara / root chakra posited around the tail bone of the human vertebrae to the Ajna chakra / third eye chakra in between your eyebrows is called Kundalini awakening.

17 What is Kundalini Awakening Dangers?

Kundalini Awakening without the help of a trained, certified SKY master can lead to complications such as erratic mental behaviors and various physical and mental imbalances. Only in Simplified Kundalini Yoga, such dangers are completely averted. SKY Yoga is the world's safest and easiest kundalini awakening system of meditation.

18 What is Kundalini Energy/Power/Shakthi?

Your life force is called Kundalini Energy.

19 What is Kundalini Meditation?

Focusing your mind on your own life-force at various chakras in the body is called Kundalini meditation.

20 What is Kundalini Syndrome?

People who have their Kundalini raised often report a calm, blissful state of mind as if they are floating without a worry in the world. They become free of all their stresses and problems and become timeless and go beyond the three dimensions of life. Such an ecstatic state is often reported as Kundalini Syndrome.

21 What is the Kundalini spirit?

Life-force in the human body is referred to as Kundalini Spirit.

22 What Should I Wear to do Kundalini Yoga?

Loose, comfortable, normal clothes are enough to learn and practice Kundalini Yoga. There are no special clothes required.

23 What to do After Kundalini Awakening?

Complete step-by-step instructions are given once the Kundalini is awakened by your trained, certified SKY Master in our SKY centers worldwide. Please follow the instructions given by the SKY master.

24 When does Kundalini Reache Head or Crown or Sahasrara Chakra?

Kundalini can reach the Head chakra by the power of the eyes of the trained, certified SKY master in our SKY centers worldwide. It is usually done after the Ajna and Mooladhara initiation.

25 When does Kundalini Reach the Heart Chakra?

In SKY Yoga system, we raise the Kundalini to the Heart / Anahadha Charka in the third level SKY Introspection Meditation Yoga workshop during the nine center meditation practice. It is done by the touch of the trained, certified master of the SKY Yoga system.

26 When to Awaken Kundalini?

Kundalini is best awakened after the aspirant completes 14 years of age. The aspirant should be of good physical and mental health to be initiated into the SKY system.

27 When to do Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga, once initiated by the trained master in SKY Yoga system, can be done by the practitioner in the morning and in the evening once each. Ideally, it is done during sunrise and sunset for 20 minutes at a time. Detail instructions are provided by the SKY master at the SKY center.

27 Where is Kundalini Yoga Originated From?

Kundalini Yoga has clearly originated from ancient India. Scriptures exist to prove the origin of Kundalini Yoga in India.

28 Where is the Kundalini Chakra?

There are nine chakras associated with Kundalini Meditation. Seven of them are found within the human body. They are nothing else but the endocrine glands of the body.
a. Mooladhara chakra - at the tail bone of the vertebrae connected to the adrenal and sexual gland.
b. Swatishtana chakra - four inches below the navel connected to the sexual gland.
c. Manipuraha chakra - at the naval connected to the pancreas.
d. Anahadha chakra - four inches above the solar plexus and four inches below the throat hole connected to the thymus gland.
e. Visudhdhi chakra - two inches about the throat hole connected to the thyroid gland.
f. Ajna chakra - in between the eyebrows on the forehead connected to the pituitary gland.
g. Sahasrara chakra - on top of the head or the crown connected to the pineal gland.

29 Where is the Kundalini Now?

Unless you have been initiated into the Kundalini Yoga by a trained SKY master, your Kundalini forms its vortex at the three-dimensional center of your body which is usually near the tail bone of your vertebrae.

30 Where to Learn Kundalini Yoga?

You can learn Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY Yoga) from any of SKY Yoga 2000+ centers worldwide. The centers are authorized by the world community service center headquartered in Chennai, India. The system is a gift to the humanity of our beloved guru Yogiraj Sri. Vethathiri Maharishi.

31 Who is Kundalini Shakti?

Kundalini Shakti is your life-energy. It is not a person and a being. It is your own life-force.

32 Who is Kundalini Yoga for?

Kundalini Yoga is for all human beings to cleanse their genetic center of their sin imprints and to realize self by merging the soul with the unified almighty force.

33 Why is Kundalini Evil?

Kundalini is not evil. Due to wrong practices by the uninitiated people in the past, certain people experienced undesirable behaviors in the body and the mind. SKY Yoga dispels such myths and offers the world's simplest, safest and easiest method to practice Kundalini meditation.

34 Why is the Kundalini a Serpent?

Because the Kundalini energy rises and comes down through the spine of the human being when awakened and brought down at will or with the help of a trained Kundalini master, it is associated with the nickname as a serpent.

35 Why Kundalini Yogis Wear White?

It is the yogi's choice. White symbolizes purity and contains all other colors and therefore considered the purest of the ether energy.

36 Can You do Kundalini Yoga When Pregnant?

Certainly, you can practice Kundalini Yoga under the guidance of a trained master in SKY Yoga system if you are already initiated into Kundalini meditation before getting pregnant. If you are not already initiated, then, we recommend that you wait until after you recover fully from the safe delivery of your child.

37 Celebrities Who Do Kundalini Yoga?

There are hundreds of celebrities in India and abroad who practice Kundalini Yoga taught by Yogiraj Sri Vethathiri Maharishi. Such people have requested their names to be kept as private and hence their names are usually not revealed. Two of the best-known actors in Tamil Nadu Sri. Sivakumar and Sri. Santhanam went public with their SKY Yoga practices and benefits.

38 Does the Frog Pose Kundalini Yoga help?

Suhasana, a normal squatting position with legs crossed on the ground, is sufficient for practicing Kundalini yoga. If you are not used to sitting on the ground, you can very well practice it by sitting on a chair comfortably.

39. Do We Need the Mula Bandha Pose for Kundalini Yoga?

Mula bandana is a yogic practice that is taught during our Kaya Kalpa Yoga. It is not a pose but a movement of a particular muscle in the body. It is useful to do it to feel the Kundalini energy function effectively at the Mooladhara Chakra.

40 How Can We Do Kundalini Yoga?

First, learn Kundalini Yoga with the help of a trained SKY master in one of the 2000+ SKY Yoga masters. Detailed instructions are given by the SKY master to do the kundalini yoga in a proper way.

41 How Does Kundalini Yoga Work?

Kundalini Yoga works by helping you focus your mind on the gentle, feeble vibrations of your own life-force as soon as you are initiated by the master. There is no mantra, yantra, tantra or complicated yoga rituals to follow. You simply close your eyes and focus your mind on the vibrations of your life-force. You will feel your kundalini energy as a gentle breeze or a light or as if an ant is gently crawling across. It will be a beautiful feeling that is sure to mesmerize you.

42 How Hard is Kundalini Yoga?

Simplified Kundalini Yoga systematized by our guru Yogiraj Sri. Vethathiri Maharishi is a super easy, super simple method of Kundalini meditation. Even a child of about 15 years can easily learn and practice within a few minutes of initiation.

43 How is Kundalini Yoga Dangerous?

Kundalini Yoga can be dangerous if you continuously meditate on the higher chakras and ignore meditating at the root chakra. In SKY Yoga system, we have completely eliminated by the introduction of Shanthi meditation. We insist that the aspirant must practice Shanthi meditation at the mooladhara chakra at least three consecutive times in a week without fail. It ensures that the Kundalini energy is transformed into bio-magnetic energy and helps to increase the battery capacity in the aspirant. It enhances the ability to store a higher number of ether particles in the body. Such a higher level and lower level meditation in a weekly cycle safely increases the energy levels of the aspirant.

44 How Often Should You Do Kundalini Yoga?

We recommend that you meditate on your Kundalini energy twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, for about 20 minutes at a time. It is sufficient for normal human beings.

45 How Old is Kundalini Yoga?

We have records to show that the Kundalini yoga is practiced as old as 5,000 years ago according to Vedic scriptures.

46 How to Become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher?

In SKY Yoga system, you can become a Kundalini Yoga teacher in about 6 workshops each spanning two to three days. The levels are:
a. SKY Yoga Introspection Workshop Level 1
b. SKY Yoga Introspection Workshop Level 2
c. SKY Yoga Introspection Workshop Level 3
d. SKY Yoga Introspection Workshop Level 4
e. SKY Yoga Brahma Gnana or God Consciousness Workshop
f. SKY Yoga Teacher's Course

47 How to do Kundalini Yoga in Tamil or in my mother tongue?

Local SKY Centers worldwide usually have a SKY professor or master who is well versed in introducing the Simplified Kundalini Yoga meditation in your mother tongue. We have hundreds of SKY Yoga centers in Tamil Nadu where the yoga is taught in Tamil.

48 How to Practice Kundalini Yoga at Home?

Once you are initiated into SKY Yoga meditation, you can easily practice it twice a day at home. Detailed instructions are given during initiation by the SKY Yoga master.

49 What is a Kriya in Kundalini Yoga?

Simplified Kundalini Yoga does not require any Kriya to be practiced. SKY Yoga system helps you to focus your mind on your own life force directly and helps you to progress spiritually in a simple way.

50 What is Breath of Fire in Kundalini Yoga?

Breath of fire is a particular form of yoga practice. Such a practice is unnecessary for SKY Yoga practitioners as the system simply starts with the raising of the kundalini force in you by the touch of the master in our SKY Yoga centers.

51 What are Kundalini Yoga Poses?

Simplified Kundalini Yoga does not require you to learn any yoga postures or poses.

52 What is Sadhana in Kundalini Yoga?

SKY Yoga system does not require you to practice any sadhana to raise your kundalini to Ajna and other chakras. Anyone fit enough physically or mentally above the age of 14 can easily learn SKY Yoga. Only Sadhana you will need is to meditate regularly once initiated.

53 What is the Difference Between Hatha and Kundalini Yoga?

Simplified Kundalini Yoga starts with raising your Kundalini while in Hatha yoga raising of Kundalini is considered a by-product after years of practice using pranayama and other yogic practices.

54 How do I know if I had a Kundalini Awakening?

You will feel a gentle, feeble, beautiful sensation of your life force vibrating on your Ajna chakra within a few seconds of Kundalini awakening by the touch of the trained SKY master. Some people feel it like a gentle breeze or a harmless feeble crawling of an ant. Some see light and colors along with enjoyable vibrations.

55 How Does Kundalini Awakening Feel?

Kundalini Awakening will feel like the most beautiful feeling you have ever felt in your life. You will feel elated and awakened, fresh and peaceful, joyous and calm.

56 How Long Does Kundalini Awakening Take?

SKY master takes only about a few seconds to awaken your Kundalini to Ajna chakra from Mooladhara chakra by his or her touch.

57 How to Prepare for Kundalini Awakening?

There is no special preparation required for Kundalini Awakening. As long as you are healthy and sober mentally and physically and not dependent upon any neurological or sleep-inducing drugs and haven't undergone any major operation within six months, and are above the age of 14, you are ready for Kundalini awakening.

58 How to Stop Kundalini Awakening?

In SKY Yoga system, Kundalini awakening is safe and simple. There will be no need to stop the awakening process. Once you are initiated, you are initiated for life.

Be blessed,
Krish Murali Eswar.


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