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4 stages of brain waves during Kundalini Meditation

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2019

There are four level of the brain functioning.

Kundalini yoga helps to reach each level to understand who we are and our purpose.

The four stages of brain functioning are:

1) Beta - between 14 - 40 cycles per second.

At 40 cycles per second we are highly agitated.

Towards 14 we are calmer.

People who are calmer, for instance those involved in research will function at about 20 cycles per second at a normal wakeful state of mind.


The sleep with dream stage is the Alpha level of frequency between 8 - 13 cycles per second.

By focusing your life force on the Agna chakra you can reach the alpha level of frequency without slipping into sleep.

We can maintain awareness and consciousness and still remain at the alpha level.

3) Theta:

At this frequency, the brain operates between 4 - 7 cycles per second.

At this level, we get to superimpose our imprints with newer, harmless and peaceful imprints and eliminate unwanted hurtful imprints.

In Kundalini yoga, our brain operates at theta level in the Thuriyam chakra and slightly above.

4) Delta:

Here the brain operates at 0.5 - 4 cycles per second.

At this stage we are one with the Almighty force.

It is a blissful state as we merge with the unified force.


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