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Yogic Personality Development

Learn the theories and philosophies & Introspection techniques of SKY Yoga system by our guru Yogiraj Sri Vethathiri Maharishi easily online.

Develop your Yogic personality.


How to Develop Yogic Personality?

Develop Yogic Personality with Four Simple Steps

Kundalini Meditation

Third Eye Awakening, Crown Chakra Opening, Mooladhara Shanthi meditation, Safe & Simple Kundalini Meditation in a SKY Yoga Center offline.



Remove Karmic Imprints through the power of Superimposition, Neutralization & Expiation. Remove Sanchita, Praraptha & Akamiya Karma Easily

Yoga Exercises

Learn Simplified Yoga Exercises. Harmonize Blood, Heat, Air, Life-Force, and Magnetic Circulations in the Body.

Kayakalpa Yoga

Transmute Sexual Energy into Spiritual Energy. Learn the ancient Siddha Secret Yoga to achieve Immunity, Longevity and Youthfulness.


Personality Development

Karmic imprints develop our character which in turn develop our personality. Our Guru developed a set of simple introspection techniques to be done at Alpha Level of the mind. They help to develop positive and vibrant personality.


Salvation is cleansing of sin imprints (karma) from our system and achieving self-realization. Cleansing is possible through superimposition powered by our Kundalini force during introspection in silence.

Learn SKY Practices online today.


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